1. Click on the "Insert Image" button on our Mailing System editor menu:

1. You will be prompted for a remotely hosted image URL:

  • If you don't have a remotely hosted image URL to use, we recommend hosting your image on imgur for free.
  • - Open a new browser tab or window and go to https://imgur.com/upload
  • - Next drag your image to "Drop images here" or choose your image to upload:

3. After you’ve uploaded your image to Imgur, the image will be displayed similar to the screenshot below. To obtain the image URL, move the mouse over the image, press the right-side mouse button, and then select “Copy image address” from the pop-up menu (displays in some browsers as “Copy image location“, “Copy Link“, or “Copy Shortcut“).

4. The copied image URL can now be used in your mailing so switch tabs back to the mailer tab.

  1. 5. After pasting the URL, click "OK" to insure your image in the email body.
  2. 6. If needed, you can adjust the image settings such as size, alignment, and other properties.

  3. 7. Complete composing your email as desired.

  4. 8. You may want to preview your mailing to ensure the image is displayed correctly.

  5. 9. When you're satisfied with your email, send it as you normally would.

*** If you would like us to create an image URL for you based on the above steps, please contact us with the image you would like to use.  We would be happy to help!